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Corporate Program

Unleash the full potential of your employees with the power to focus on the present

We live in the age of VUCA. In a rapidly changing business environment, employees are overwhelmed with a huge amount of information and complex tasks, leading to chronic brain fatigue and making it difficult for them to demonstrate their true abilities. Now is the time for an organization to have a system that allows each employee to be healthy in both body and mind and work with enthusiasm. Through our scientifically based mindfulness program, our studio will support employees in drawing out their innate abilities, improving their well-being, and acquiring the skills to survive in this rapidly changing era.

Three powers that can be changed through mindfulness

Increase your concentration!

Performance Improvement

Stress Free!

Improved well-being

Improve team strength!

Improve organizational capabilities


Mindful Performance Booster

the purpose:

Improve focus, creativity and decision-making to maximize individual performance


Mindfulness Basics: Breathing techniques, body scan, walking meditation, etc. Strengthening concentration: Attention training, digital detox, single tasking Creativity development: Mindful observation, free thinking, idea generation workshop Decision-making improvement: Self-centeredness, value work

Expected effect:

Improved concentration and attention Speed up task processing, take on complex problems Improved quality of output, acquisition of new skills Improved creativity and problem-solving abilities

Generate unique ideas, improve your ability to express yourself, make better decisions and get work done more efficiently

Better judgment, faster decisions, less regret, more motivation


The Mindful Wellbeing Journey

the purpose:

Reduce stress, improve mental health, enhance happiness, improve relationships and well-being


Mindfulness practices : breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, mindful eating Stress management: identifying stressors, coping techniques, relaxation techniques Understanding and regulating emotions: observing emotions, expressing emotions, emotion control skills Improving self-esteem: self-acceptance, self-positive thinking, recognizing strengths and values Healthy lifestyle: sleep, exercise, nutrition, balance in relationships

Expected effect:

Reduce stress, anxiety and mental stability Emotional control skills, improved interpersonal relationships Improved quality of sleep Increased happiness and satisfaction Establishment of a healthier lifestyle


Mindful Leadership Program

the purpose:

Enhance communication, collaboration and leadership within your organization to improve overall organizational performance


Mindful leadership: self-awareness, empathy, listening, communication skills Team building: mindful teamwork, building trust, collaborative problem solving Changing organizational culture: fostering a mindfulness-based organizational culture, ensuring psychological safety Conflict management: mindful dialogue, constructive feedback, consensus building Fostering innovation: mindful creativity, respecting diverse perspectives, encouraging experimentation and learning

Expected effect:

Improved leadership quality and communication skills Improved communication and cooperation within the organization Improved employee engagement and motivation Reduced stress and improved mental health Promoted creativity and innovation throughout the organization Improved productivity and business performance

Delivery method:
Workshops and training for management Team building sessions Consulting for organizational culture change Internal events and seminars on the theme of mindfulness

These program ideas can be customized in content and delivery to meet your company’s needs and goals. We also offer one-off classes and workshops, so feel free to contact us.

Online also available.

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