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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

At the business conference [Commerce Summit 2023 in Kyoto], I provided a mindfulness meditation session to 300 corporate participants!

I participated in the Commerce Summit 2023🛒🛒 held in Kyoto.

What is Commerce Summit?

The forum will be a place where leaders from retail, distribution, mail order, and the companies that support them can come together across industries to discuss, find methods, and co-create ways to revitalize and sustain the growth of Japanese commerce.

The event is held as a forum for taking a bird's-eye view of the entire industry and drawing up a vision for growth.

An exciting three-day event covering overseas e-commerce trends, cutting-edge domestic services and case studies

I was in charge of the meditation session among 300 corporate representatives in attendance🙇♀️

The first session took place on the second day of the program, with all 300 participants taking 10 minutes.

I sat in a chair and meditated.

The results of the survey showed that 37.2% were very satisfied, and 44.9% were satisfied, meaning that 82.1% of respondents were satisfied.

In the free response section, we also received comments such as, "I felt like my mind was in order," "I was able to relax in a short amount of time," "I was interested in it so it was a good experience," "The atmosphere was different only during the meditation time," and "I gained something from it." We could sense the participants' high level of awareness, their ability to accept new things, and their high level of introspection.

The second session was a one-hour program on the morning of the third day. It was an optional program for those who were interested, but a lot of people participated and it was a very good session. Thank you very much 😊

The survey results are as follows:

We are very happy to receive such high ratings, with 71.4% saying they are very satisfied and 14.3% saying they are satisfied.

In the free answer section,

We received comments such as, "Meditation left me overwhelmed with emotion," "I've become interested and would like to try it more," and "I would like to incorporate it into my everyday life."

This time, we implemented programs of different lengths, both short and long, and all were well received, demonstrating their high compatibility with business people.

I hope that meditation will become more familiar to everyone, enriching their lives and becoming a useful tool in doing business.

Above all, our hearts instantly connected🫶🏼That's how I felt❤️Thank you very much🙇♀️

Also, thank you to all the organizers for reaching out.

I would like to continue to work to spread the word about mindfulness.


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