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About studio

About studio

Through psychological approaches such as mindfulness meditation and coaching, we aim to help people strengthen their self-foundation and make their lives richer and more fulfilling.

There are a lot of gyms for training the body, but not many for training the mind. The mind and body are equally important, but the mind has been neglected for a long time.

At this studio, we focus on this mindset and provide practical, easy-to-understand training.

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Aco Yamagata


Meditation trainer and business coach.
Head of the meditation salon "studio mindflow."
Director and CCO of Spomee Inc.
Former representative of Adidas Japan and Reebok.


After graduating from Texas State University, he specialized in advertising and marketing, and served as an executive such as general manager at a major foreign advertising agency and a manufacturer. In pursuit of "fulfilling the life of a business person," he received MBSR instructor training at the University of California Mindfulness Center and obtained qualifications related to mental and physical health. His hobby is surfing.


  • Another History Certified Professional Coach

  • Certified NLP Practitioner by the American NLP™ Association

  • Cabinet Office certified instructor of the Japan Integrative Medicine Association

    • Medical aromatherapy, Pilates, yoga

  • Tokyo Dietitian License

  • California State University Mindfulness Center

    • Completed MBSR Teacher Training

    • MSC 8-week program

    • Mpeak Coach training completed etc.

  • Google SIY (Google-developed meditation program) Globally certified instructor

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