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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

I created a mindfulness workshop in English called "Gratitude Bouquet and Meditation" for Zespri International Japan.

Zespri employees practicing mindfulness meditation
Zespri International Japan Office

I held a workshop on "Flowers of Gratitude and Meditation"

The client this time is the famous Kiwi Brothers.

Zespri International Japan.

Zespri is a very global company, and they usually work across countries. Therefore, they rarely have a chance to meet in person. However, this time, the APAC team (Asia-Pacific Rim countries) came to Japan for training and team building, and I was entrusted with the final program of this precious opportunity.

Zespri has two requests:

① After the team members return to their respective countries after this training

Learn techniques to take care of yourself emotionally even when you are alone

② Make sure the precious time we spent together becomes a good memory.

And the language is English


Workshop Contents


There is a meditation called self-compassion, which involves showing kindness to yourself, and I thought it would be the best form of self-care, so I incorporated it as the main focus.

For the memory section, I came up with an exercise called "Gratitude Flower."

Let's all express our gratitude by sending flowers

The story goes that in the end, it all becomes one "bouquet of gratitude."

There were moments when people got a little teary-eyed and even hugged each other spontaneously, and everyone's hearts seemed warm and overflowing with emotion.

I thought that what a wonderful team they were, how everyone's feelings were able to come together so smoothly like this.

I am truly grateful to have been given such an important role.

thank you very much.

And even when you return to your own countries,

I would be happy if self-care could help you even a little.

We wish you continued success.

Duration: 1.5 hours

The venue is the client's office.

#Loving-kindness meditation

#Self-compassion #Anger management #Circular thinking #Flow #Values

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