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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

I created a workshop called "Sound and Meditation" for Spotify Japan.

Zespri employees practicing mindfulness meditation
Spotify Japan Office

I held a workshop called "Sound and Meditation."

What did Spotify ask you to do?

They were planning a study session to deepen understanding of the Spotify service and think about how to use it in a workshop format, and when they invited their clients to the session, they contacted us because they thought it would be interesting to learn a new tool called mindfulness as well.

The session will last 45 minutes and will take place at Spotify Japan headquarters.

About the theme

The theme "sound and meditation" immediately emerged.

Sound is one of the five senses, helps connect the mind and body, and has a great impact on meditation.

Learn the basics of mindfulness and discover how sound is connected to the body and mind.

By experiencing it for yourself, we hope you will understand how mindfulness and music are intimately connected to our lives.

Program Content

First Half: Mindfulness and Body Sensation

Mindfulness is also known as the meditation of awareness. It is simply about becoming aware of yourself.

In other words, it can be said to be introspection or deepening one's self-awareness.

We tend to think that we know ourselves best, but is that really the case?

As a basic lesson in mindfulness, we will start by asking what it means to be aware, and then learn the importance of being aware. This time, we will practice a meditation method called body scan. This meditation method is an effective way to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between the mind and body and deepen self-awareness.

Second half: Mindfulness applied to music therapy

Music therapy is the use of music to provide care to patients.

Applying this technique, I prepared a playlist called "Sound of Life."

How music affects the body

I observed how emotions and thoughts emerge.

It starts with the sound of a heartbeat that makes you feel like you're in your mother's womb, then music from your childhood sports day,

Songs from my youth, songs about work stress,

Play a playlist that expresses life through music.

What effect does music have on your body when you focus your entire attention on the sound?

After the program

After meditation, in a state of heightened concentration, I close my eyes and listen to music. I feel much more alert than usual.

Accept "sound x physical sensation x emotion x thought."

One participant commented that memories that he hadn't remembered for a long time came back to him in an instant, and music imprints memories on the body. I think he was able to experience the connection between the body and the mind. Although it was only a one-time practice session, I think he gained a lot of realizations.

What you notice is different for each person, and it's different every time.

I thought that using sound in this way could help me gain insight from a new angle.

After this session, you will feel more connected to your mind and body and more alert.

I think the discussion was more imaginative and creative than usual.

*The program took place in November 2023.

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