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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

I taught mindfulness meditation at a training camp for dentists for "concentration and mental stability".

The request this time came from Ms. Keiko Ueda, CEO of k-crowd Inc.

Dr. Ueda is an expert in Invisalign, the most technologically advanced dental treatment, and is currently working as a medical team building advisor. With his experience and skills, he is also focusing on supporting sustainable clinic management, providing a "New Normal" for orthodontics.

Content of your request

"Dr. Keiko Clincheck Room Workshop in Hakone

"2 days to detox your mind and body and train your Invisalign brain."

They were planning a new type of training camp for dentists to learn new techniques.

The theme is "Adults' free time to heal themselves."

An extraordinary experience for doctors to escape from their busy daily lives and relax and concentrate

Refresh yourself in the nature and hot springs of Hakone

Enjoy learning the latest Invisalign techniques while interacting with new teachers.

We provide a place where doctors can connect with each other and grow together in this wonderful environment.

There was a request to incorporate meditation into this plan to create even more value.

1) By having a meditation session in between, participants can participate with a higher level of concentration. Also, they can experience the effects of meditation and enjoy a little surprise.

2) Many of the participants are clinic owners, and as such sometimes they feel the loneliness and stress of being a clinic owner, so this therapy can help them to relieve anxiety and calm their minds.

3) Approximately 30 participants


Meditation Content


Two classes were prepared

Conducted during the first day of the meeting

"20 minutes of meditation coaching to help you concentrate better during training"

We aim to further improve concentration through short-term practice sessions and group coaching that encourages participants to visualize their purpose and future.

Carry out the activity the next morning

"50 minutes of mindfulness training based on the basics to calm your mind"

Focusing on the basics of mindfulness, you will learn about the relationship between the brain and anxiety, and how you can practice it yourself.


After the training camp


The full-length windows open onto the courtyard, where the sunlight filtering through the trees in May creates a beautiful green scene, and in the large space that connects to the entrance, modern sofas surround a fireplace. This is a wonderful retreat facility surrounded by nature, and in line with Professor Ueda's philosophy, we spent a soothing time in nature and in the hot springs. The participating teachers studied diligently, with individual study sessions continuing late into the night. Discussions continued in front of the computers the following morning, and I was moved by the energy of the place. I also got a real sense of the deep trust that Professor Ueda has with the participating teachers!

This time, I not only meditated, but also served as the moderator. I was relieved to receive positive comments from Professor Ueda, who said, "It was good to be able to concentrate on the content without having to worry about the progress of the session."

We also received very positive feedback about meditation.

First day focus meditation

Meditation improves concentration

● By reaffirming the purpose of my participation, I was able to focus in a good way. That kind of thing is important.

A calming meditation for the morning after

I felt at peace.

●My stiff shoulders have been relieved

Breathing became easier

I hope that by experiencing the effects of meditation, you will be able to gradually apply it to your work and daily life. The experience I gained at this retreat was also a good opportunity for me to meet new people, grow, and heal. Thank you very much.

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