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I will be speaking at the business conference [NFT Summit Tokyo Part 2] on the themes of Web3 and guide meditation!

July 14th 12:20-12:40

[L2] Meditation Time: Is meditation effective in the age of Web 3 and DAOs?

Meditation and mindfulness are already common knowledge among CEOs and founders of famous IT companies such as Google and Facebook, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and other elites around the world.

But is this trend still valid in the DAO era?

What does it mean to live in a decentralized, autonomous organization? What is autonomy? Why not try a 10-minute mindfulness experience while pondering these questions?

You may feel even more benefit from learning at NTC Summit Tokyo.

Defragment your brain for business people

With a reborn, efficient brain

Life is so much more fun on easy mode

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