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Summary of 2023 Workshop Participant Survey

We have summarized the results of a survey of participants in the 2023 workshop and would like to introduce them to you.

Since things related to the mind are invisible and difficult to understand, I decided to introduce the impressions of people who actually took the course. Almost all of them were first-timers and these are their responses after taking a two-hour workshop. I hope that it will help you understand even a little better.

*Permission has been granted to present the results.

*In order to avoid identifying respondents, the questions have been asked in random order, duplicate answers have been omitted, and answers have been shortened.

🔷Reason for participating

  • I've heard the word "mindfulness" a lot, but I wanted to know what it means.

  • I was interested in mindfulness and it was close to home.

  • I had participated in a group workshop once before and wanted to try other workshops.

  • I was originally interested in mindfulness and wanted to learn it systematically.

  • I discovered mindfulness in America and wanted to try it.

🔷Did anything change between before and after it started?

  • Before the workshop, I felt neutral and my head felt a bit heavy, but now I feel the same and my head feels refreshed with oxygen.

  • By focusing on the present, I was able to become aware of my own thinking habits and feel better.

  • I had the impression that my thoughts were not working well, but after the workshop, my mind became much clearer.

  • I felt so relaxed and my worries were cleared away.

  • I didn't know anything in particular

  • I felt very relaxed and calm, and my stiff shoulders seemed to have disappeared.

  • I feel refreshed and my eyes are open

  • I didn't notice much of a change in my feelings, but I did feel a little better.

  • After I finished, I felt like my body's center of gravity was closer to the center than usual.

🔷Was there any part of it that was relevant to your own work or that was useful to your work?

The average score was 4.3 out of 5, which indicated that the program was useful for work.

🔷Let us know what helped you

  • This will help you to recognize your own thought patterns of overthinking the things you have to do and manage your stress.

  • Practice regaining focus

  • I feel like I have been able to release the heaviness that was inside me, and I think this will be very helpful in doing high-quality work and living a careful life.

  • How to treat yourself

  • It seems like it will help you feel refreshed when you feel frustrated.

  • It can be used to calm down when you are nervous.

  • Dealing with Anger

  • Reconsidering things that you just pass by

🔷Would you like to continue practicing mindfulness?

All answered "yes"


Although it is something that cannot be seen, everyone seems to have experienced a change or realization in their physical sensations at least once.

Mindfulness is a form of "mental muscle training" that, when continued, will bring about substantial changes in the brain.

We encourage you to progress at your own pace by learning in the studio and then practicing independently at home.

Among the comments from the survey, there were some responses that I found to be very easy to understand and useful, so I would like to introduce them here at the end.

I found that it was more difficult than I thought to stop other thoughts and focus on breathing when they came to mind. It was also difficult to realize that I was thinking about something different after a certain amount of thinking, and it was also difficult to stop them and bring them back to breathing, so in the end I had to finish thinking for a while before returning to meditation. This is exactly the state I'm in when I can't concentrate on my work, so I felt like I was reliving that experience.

When you focus your attention on the present, you realize that what you are thinking is overthinking and that no matter how much you think about it, it won't change anything, and you feel better.

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