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[Announcement] studio mindflow will be holding its first one-day silent retreat! in Mt. Takao.

A special day to reconnect with yourself at Mount Takao

Why not get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some special time in silence, sharpening your senses, and facing yourself?

Date and time: Saturday, June 8th, 8:00am Meet in front of Kiyotaki Station on the Takao Mountain Cable Car

Mount Takao is a power spot where Tengu descends and has long been believed to be the dwelling place of gods in mountain worship.

Spend the day in silence , surrounded by the stillness of this majestic natural setting .

Talking is an important act that allows us to feel connected to others. However, sometimes we end up neglecting our own opinions and feelings while trying to accommodate others. Here, we simply continue to listen to our own voice.

The program is designed to deepen introspection from various angles, including meditation, mountain climbing meditation, self-reflective journaling, yoga that involves listening to the voice of the body, nature observation, and mindful eating of vegetarian cuisine.

Content that even first-timers can participate with confidence

This is a program that anyone can participate in with confidence, even if they have no prior experience with meditation or yoga.

Meet fellow meditators

By sharing these special experiences, you can meet people with whom you can truly connect.

Vegetarian cuisine at Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple

The shojin ryori (traditional vegetarian cuisine), made with colorful seasonal vegetables, gently satisfies both the body and mind. Eating shojin ryori in the natural surroundings of Mount Takao is an exceptional experience.

Recommended for:

  • I want to try meditation for the first time.

  • I want to deepen my meditation practice

  • I want to meet fellow meditators

  • I want to refresh my mind and body in nature

  • Want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

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