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[Due to popular demand] Scoby Tea presents 1-day retreat event "OPTIMIST" Vol.2 was held at "POWER SPOT" Aoyama!

Recently, Scoby Tea Presents' "Spring Intestinal Health 1-Day Retreat to OPTIMIST" was held for the second time due to popular demand.

This time, the event was held at POWER SPOT, a pole dance studio in Aoyama. The spacious and modern studio was truly worthy of being called a "power spot" as its name suggests.

The owner of POWER SPOT, RYOTA, is a world champion pole dancer with a brilliant career and a breathtaking beauty. His participation in the previous OPTIMIST event led to the event being held at POWER SPOT.

RYOTA's pole dancing demonstration was otherworldly and otherworldly. I was instantly captivated by his beautiful, graceful movements, as if a fairy had descended from the sky. I couldn't take my eyes off each and every one of RYOTA's refined movements, and I even forgot to breathe. It was such a shocking experience that I wondered what else had captured my heart like that before.

This retreat got off to such a wonderful start. I was surrounded by the healing sounds of Amiga's crystal bowls, which led to my meditation session. I hope that all participants were able to face their inner selves through meditation and feel refreshed in mind and body.

There were many other sessions available, and participants enjoyed themselves in their own way.

A beautiful space, delicious Scoby Tea, and great interaction between participants.

I felt the positive energy generated by this retreat spreading out in a big circle. I felt refreshed, as if my mind and body had been purified at a cellular level.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated! We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to RYOTA of POWER SPOT and everyone at Scoby Tea for providing us with such a wonderful space.

We would like to continue to do whatever we can to help you stay healthy in mind and body, and live each day filled with smiles.

#pole dance

#Loving-kindness meditation

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