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Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

I guided a mindfulness meditation session at a business conference "Toyo Keizai Amazing Startups 100"!

[ Toyo Keizai] Amazing Venture NEXT

~ Seizing the Trend, Japanese Startups' Winning Strategy ~

An in-person event for the popular "Amazing Venture 100" project, which selects 100 companies every year, was held on November 8th!

I learned a lot about recent startup support policies, the expansion of fundraising methods, and trends surrounding human resources.

In between these cutting-edge business scenes, I was in charge of the meditation sessions. With so many people coming and going, I was worried about how many people would be willing to do it, but I was impressed by how sincerely everyone was involved.

Even if you can't experience the effects of mindfulness immediately, if you can just keep in the back of your mind the idea that this is what you do, it will be the first step!

I would like to continue to work hard to spread mindfulness so that it can become an easy, everyday tool!

The event will also be streamed as a webinar.

(The mindfulness part is not included.)

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