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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

I had taken the meditation session at the business conference [WEB3 BB - WEB3 Beyond Borders Tokyo] @The National Art Center, Tokyo

July 5th 15:40-16:05

I was given a 25-minute slot to meditate.

I would be happy if this time was meaningful for everyone.

I watched some other sessions,

"It's so new, it's constantly changing. In fact, that's why you can get in today and keep up."

Animate Ark's CEO, Komamiya-san, said this and it really stuck with me.

With reports of AI taking over the world and Japan's economy declining dramatically, I think many people are worried about the future, but after coming here, I feel like maybe we're living in an age where we can do anything if we just want to, and I feel like I should do my best!

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