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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

Money Forward came to receive mindfulness meditation as part of their team building!

Money Forward came to meditate with us.


The request is


They wanted to try meditation as part of their company's team building activities.

The team is made up of kind people, and while they are all giving their all to their families, private lives, and work, this is a place where they can relax and unwind even just a little. The leader wanted to support them both physically and mentally, and to help them enjoy both their work and their lives.


Mindfulness is a new member

Most of the group was experiencing mindfulness for the first time, but each person was able to confront their own sensations at their own pace.


Program Content


What is mindfulness and what is it here?

After talking about the basics of mindfulness, we sat quietly.

I switched from "doing mode" to "being mode."

We usually spend the whole day thinking about what we are "doing," doing this, then doing that, but if we take a break from that and just "be," we can change our true selves into being here.

In English, it's "Doing to Being" and you may have heard it as "Be here now".

I think this is what it means to become "BE".

Multitasking, brain function and improving your emotional intelligence (EQ)

Learn about the function of the brain through multitasking, the importance of single-tasking, and awareness of love and emotion

We talked about how this also gives the brain a break and protects it from the dangers of burnout. It's an important lesson that will enrich your life.

And we did gratitude work with the aim of improving EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). We cultivate empathy and increase engagement. We foster a feeling that we can talk about difficult things with confidence in this team. That's the kind of work we did.


After the program

At the end of the workshop, I noticed that everyone's expressions had calmed down.

In sharing my experiences with everyone, I felt the stiffness in my body go away and I felt relaxed.

He also said that he felt a warm sensation.

Also, I didn’t usually have the opportunity to spend time on myself like this, so I was able to spend some time on myself.

I was also told that it has become.

"Taking time for yourself, feeling your body, and being in touch with your heart" seems simple, but it's not easy to do. Sharing this special time with the team warms the heart. I think it was a wonderful workshop like that.

About the Program

What this workshop aimed to achieve

  • Reduce stress, give your brain a break, and feel refreshed

  • Increase your focus and improve your work efficiency

  • Improving team engagement and psychological safety

  • Improve your EQ, increase your resilience and inspire your motivation

It is not that all of this learning will be acquired in one workshop, but this is what we designed the program to aim for.

I would be happy if I could meet your needs as much as possible.

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