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Activity Report

Corporate collaborations, events and workshops

Why Juice? I will continue to be a mindfulness instructor at the 2nd 8th Anniversary Event!

Why Juice? [8th Anniversary Event Part 2]

Combining mindfulness meditation with a detox juice program

"Brain and Body Reset Program" September 4th (Sunday)

Due to popular demand

Brain and body reset program

I'll do it the second time!

A collaboration with the environmentally friendly food brand @why_juice

Spend a day on a juice cleanse

From daily overeating, drinking, and snacking

Reset your body

Reset your brain with morning and evening meditation

After the cleanse, yoga in the morning is said to make you feel refreshed.

It's a great program 🧘


Yoga is taught by Yuko Nojima @yuko_halo

I'll be in charge of meditation 😊

It is becoming clear that the physical ailments that modern people suffer from are caused by brain fatigue. Why not start your day feeling refreshed by reconditioning your tired brain and body?

In the first report, you can see reports from those who have experienced it!

Check out Why Juice?'s Instagram!

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